Directions to the cottage:




Check-in and out:

Free check-in between 16:00 and 23:00
Check-out no later than 12:00



Everyone who uses the cabin must bring their own bed linen. If you do not have your own bed linen, you can buy it for NOK 100 per person. Bed linen is in a sealed plastic box in the shed or in one of the closets in the cottage. Please inform the landlord if you use the bed linen. You can pay with Vipps or cash.


Vipps for buying linen: 602931

Cash for bed linen purchase: Place cash on the living room table before leaving the cottage. If you do not have Norwegian kroner, we also accept 10 €, 100 SEK and 100 DKK per person.


Connecting the gas cylinder:

Next to the stove is a bottle of propane. If this is disconnected, do the following:

  1. Tilt the switch on top of the regulator to the "Off" position (not flame symbol).
  2. Place the regulator on top of the bottle and squeeze down while squeezing the black cap at the bottom of the regulator.
  3. Continue to hold the pressure on the regulator while pushing the black cap down.
  4. Check that the regulator is stuck in the bottle. You can check this by gently lifting the bottle by holding the regulator.
  5. Tilt the switch on top of the controller to the "On" position.


Illustration connect / disconnect gas cylinder


Using a gas stove with hobs:

  1. Tilt the switch on top of the gas cylinder to the "On" position (flame symbol).
  2. Turn the oven switch and push the button inwards. Light a lighter next to the gas burner while holding down the button. (Make sure you do not touch the ring of the gas burner). Hold down the button for about 10 seconds before releasing the button.

  3. Tilt the switch on the propane bottle to the "Off" position after use.


Illustration stove


Instructions for refrigerator:

The refrigerator runs on electricity and only cools when the power supply unit is running. We recommend that the refrigerator door is kept closed when the power supply is not running so that the content of the refrigerator are kept cold.


Instructions for power supply unit:

  1. Make sure the power supply unit is connected to the plug
  2. Turn the unit knob from «O» to «I».


  3. Turn on the choke.
  4. Pull the starter cord until the unit starts, let it run for about 30 seconds before switching off the choke.


In case of error - check if:

  • The unit is out of petrol
  • The vent screw on the fuel cap is closed - this should be left open.
  • That the unit is on a flat surface. It may stop if the unit is tilted.

  • Check the oil level and refill if necessary. 


If the unit runs out of petrol, you will find petrol tanks inside the shed where the unit was located. Remember that the unit must be switched off when refueling!


Illustration power supply unit


Petrol for the power supply unit:

We recommend limiting the use of the unit with the environment in mind. Full tank is included in the price but if you need more petrol, this can be bought for NOK 15 per liter. There is extra petrol jug (s) in the shed by the unit. The petrol can be paid for with Vipps, card or cash. Let the landlord know if you buy petrol.


Vipps petrol: 602931

Cash petrol: Put cash on the living room table before leaving the cottage. If you do not have Norwegian kroner, we also accept 10 €, 100 SEK and 100 DKK per person.



It is allowed with dogs in the cabin, but the dogs can not lie on the couch or in the beds.



The water from the tap comes from a well 50 meters above the cabin. The water has been used for drinking water for generations but has not been tested. We therefore recommend having your own drinking water to be on the safe side. However, the water is well suited for doing the dishes, washing, ect.



A provisional shower has been made behind the wall of the toilet that can be used when needed. To get water, the water hose to the shower head must be connected to the tap on the sink. There is only cold water in the shower.


Boat and canoe

Guests are free to use the canoe during their stay.


Key/oar pins are in a separate key cabinet by the boat /canoe.


  1. Learn to use the boat / canoe before you begin. Feel free to watch training videos on Youtube.
  2. Always wear a life jacket.
  3. Use the boat /canoe with care, avoid scratching.
  4. Wash boat / canoe inside and outside after use.
  5. Place the equipment safely on land after use, turn it upside down to prevent it from filling with rainwater.
  6. Put the oars under the boat / canoe. Vests should be brought in for drying.
  7. Lock the boat / canoe and put the key back in the key cabinet


Illustrated canoe instructions



Unless otherwise agreed, a fishing license must be obtained.

Fishing licenses can be purchased here:




The water is shallow and consists of a lot of mud bottom. We recommend examining the conditions before bathing. Wear a life jacket and use the bathing jetties on site.


Cleaning routines:

Cleaning of the cottage is not included in the price and must be performed by the tenant. It is also possible for the landlord to arrange final cleaning for NOK 800,-. In the event of inadequate cleaning, the cost will be charged to the tenant.


  • Check that you have brought all your personal belongings. Check under beds, between sofa cushions, under duvets / pillows, inside cupboards etc.

  • Do not leave food, this also applies to dry goods.
  • Empty and wash the refrigerator
  • Vacuum floor, sofa and chairs. Remove any stains on furniture.
  • Wash over all floor surfaces, window frames, benches, tables and inside cabinets.
  • Clean the toilet.
  • Wash the hob and oven (remove the rings from the hob before washing here).
  • Empty the outdoor ashtray and check that there is no rubbish around the cabin.
  • Clean the boat/canoe and put the oars and vests back into place.
  • Remove bedding
  • Wash the dishes.



 Inside the kitchen you will find a large plastic tub.

  1. Fill the tub with warm water.
  2. Leave pots and pans in water if necessary.
  3. Add dish soap.
  4. Use a dish brush
  5. Wash glasses and cutlery first.
  6. Change the water regularly or when necessary,
  7. The dishes should be rinsed in warm water before drying.
  8. Go over the dishes and check that everything is clean. Be careful with frying pans and cooking utensils.
  9. Wipe the dishes with a clean kitchen towel,
  10. Put the dishes back where you found them.


Illustration dishes



Garbage should not be left in the cabin. The cabins in the area have a common rubbish shed approx. 10 km from the cottage (direction Lunde). The PIN code for the key box is 1-2-3-4. The box is at the back of the rubbish shed, on the corner. Use the key to open the cabin door.


Directions Google maps:



Checklist before leaving the cottage:

  • Check that the cabin has been cleaned.
  • Check that the outdoor toilet has been cleaned.
  • Is the refrigerator empty and washed?
  • Check that all the dishes are clean and that the equipment is put back in the right place. Remember to check pots and pans.
  • Did you remember everything? Check in closets, under duvets / pillows, under beds and between sofa cushions to make sure you have not forgotten anything.
  • Remove any dry goods from cabinets.
  • Fill the power supply with petrol.
  • Check that the canoe/ boat has been turned over, washed and that the paddles and vests have been put in place.
  • Fill up the firewood box.
  • Check around the cabin so that there is no rubbish left.
  • Let the landlord know if anything is damaged or broken in the cottage.
  • Bring the rubbish to the rubbish shed.
  • Used kitchen towels are placed in a plastic bag by the door.
  • Put the keys back in the lock boxes.


Fee for lack of cleaning is NOK 800.


Thank you for visiting and welcome back 😊!


Regards Nora and Fredrik